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  • Ketopremithramycins and ketomithramycins; four new aureolic acid-type compounds obtained upon inactivation of two genes involved in the biosynthesis of the deoxysugar moieties of the antitumor drug mithramycin by Streptomyces Argillaceus; reveal novel insights into post-PKS tailoring steps of the mithramycin biosynthetic pathway [2002]

    José Antonio Salas Fernández , José García-Bernardo Junquera , Eva Künzel , A. González , Alfredo Javier Fernández Braña , D. W. Bearden , María del Carmen Méndez Fernández , Uwe Rix , Lily Remsing , Jürgen Rohr
    01 of January of 2002
    It Is a Part of:
    Journal of the American Chemical Society