BIOMIC ("Biosynthesis of bioactive compounds by microorganisms") group belongs to the Microbiology Area from Fundamental Biology Department and Principado of Asturias University Institute of Oncology (IUOPA), both at  University of Oviedo (Spain). It is located at Oviedo Medicine Faculty and it is coordinated by Prof. José Antonio Salas Fernández and Prof. Carmen Méndez Fernández. Other members are Prof. Alfredo F. Braña and Dr. Carlos Olano (IUOPA research associate), as well as postdoctoral and predoctoral researchers and a laboratory technician.

BIOMIC research areas are:

  • Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds (mainly antibiotic and antitumor) biosynthesis gene clusters from actinomycetes.
  • Generation of novel bioactive derivatives by Combinatorial Biosynthesis.
  • Bioactive compounds biosynthesis pathway regulation.
  • Metabolic engineering of biosynthesis pathways to improve bioactive compounds yield.
  • Genome mining to activate silent biosynthesis pathways and to identify novel bioactive compounds.

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